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The Arizona Event Center was created by some local businessmen with one goal in mind. To be a facility that would offer itself to everyone in all walks
of life and not be one genre specific! To be a fun, happy place to hold and see events! We are not some giant conglomerate corporate entity,
just some local folks with a dream, just like you!

We have 30,000 square feet devoted to music, sports, comedy, trade shows, charity events, weddings, corporate events, etc. In a nutshell, if you can dream it, we want to work with you to make your dream happen!! We want not only our customers to have a fantastic, safe and enjoyable experience, but also the booking agents, promoters, performing artists and athletes feel that they are appreciated and work with them to make them feel like they are part of
our family, and we will do our best to make that a reality!

So, if you have an idea or vision, contact us today and let's sit down and see if we can make your dream event come true!!
Thanks for the opportunity to serve and hope to see you soon!
Below are some facts about our Event Center for your review:


30000 square feet total
center space

3 separate stages of professional and quality structures

2 distinct acts can perform simultaneously with no bleed over

4000 total capacity for entire venue, an almost even split between back theatre and front pavilion

Superior power capabilities both front and back

Lighting, sound system all available either included or for an additional fee depending on the event

Great restrooms front
and back


In-house ticketing through

Professional Catering and concession foods available for sale or package deals

Series 6 liquor license for all your clients wants and needs

One full green room in back with restroom and a mini one for the front pavilion

Merchandise and vendor booth space available

Fantastic Air conditioning service

Signage on Marquee available to promote events


Website, radio, print and social media push for all shows

Strategic partnering with liquor and energy drink companies

Event Calendar available to secure dates with proper deposits

Sworn officers are our head of security for overview of outside vendors, private security, etc. for safe and drug free environment

VIP area available with certain parameters

1000 parking spots

Clean Air Cab partnership in place for your safety

Easy load in and load out
for acts

We will work with all promoters large & small to make sure the best opportunity
for all is afforded & we can make the event happen!

MON-SUN : 10am to 2am



1300 S. Country Club Drive #105
Mesa, Arizona 85210

PHONE: 480-779-7716
FAX: 623-388-6668

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